Nova Energy LPG

As agents for Nova Energy LPG, we are able to deliver 45kg bottles directly to your house or business, as well as filling up your 9kg bottles onsite at Challenge Darfield.

Nova Energy is the only 100% New Zealand owned and operated energy company that offers a total range of energy solutions including natural gas, electricity, LPG, solar and cogeneration technologies. They pride themselves on always putting their customer first, and with their geniune understanding and appreciation of what is the best mix of energy types for the individual household and business, it is no surprise that we have choosen to align ourselves with them.

Our partnership allows us to help you work out the best mix of energy to keep you running at the lowest cost, so once your gas connection is installed, we will take care of all of your future delivery needs. We have created an easy-to-remember schedule for delivery so you will never experience the despair of running out of LPG.

Bottled LPG provides the freedom to enjoy endless hot showers and deep baths, the ability to create amazing meals that require instantaneous heat in the cooking process, to warm your home cost effectively, and to maximise your outdoor living comfort.

Come and see us at Challenge Darfield or call us on 318 8421 to see how you can become more energy efficient and increase your level of comfort with bottled LPG.