Challenge Darfield



As the local Service Station at the heart of our community Challenge Darfield has made the commitment to keeping you fuelled and acting as providers of connectivity which is essential in our rural community.

Excluding our obvious services (fuel; petrol, Diesel and LPG) we believe we offer a true rural country store that has answered our community’s needs in a variety of ways:

Community commitment

As part of our commitment to being a true heart of our community, we pride ourselves on our sponsorship and social investment programme. This programme allows us to support a wide variety of organisations, events and programs in the local community; from schools to sporting clubs, environmental projects to emergency services and community based initiatives.

We have listened to our community and proactively offer our supportive sponsorship programmes to approved applicants because we feel it's so important for our community to work together and we remain committed to keeping our sponsorship within our own local backyard.

If you are interested in finding out more about our community support offering, please click here.